HyperSKU, DMIEXPO Exhibitor Spotlight

HyperSKU - Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

HyperSKU, Exhibitor Spotlight
By Shawn Zhao, Hypersku


What digital marketing changes you see these days that are impacting your company and will continue in the upcoming months?

For HyperSKU, the black swan event of the year would be the coronavirus outbreak (a little bit background: we mainly help online sellers to source products from China and fulfill orders with express shipping). So besides the long break from Chinese New Year, sellers and we have to wait longer to have things back to normal. We’ve been receiving SOS from sellers who’s about to lose their business – as their previous vendors simply cannot get stock and ship out parcels.

Gladly we responded to this quickly. after we figured out the situation and made a list of factories and shipping companies that can get back to operations asap, we made our best to secure the stock and production schedule for clients.

The takeaway: Companies should always get prepared and have redundancy. Think about cashflow, risk when looking at profits.


What is your company roll within the affiliate & digital marketing space?

HyperSKU - Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

We want to be the partner that support entrepreneurs and brands growing. HyperSKU is an all-in-one agency to source eCommerce sellers’ backend operation issues. Eventually when marketers want to be sellers themselves, they look for the reliable partner who can take care of products and orders, so they can continue focusing on the fun part.

What we see: traffic gets more expensive, Facebook policy gets more strict, and payment gateway tend to hold more money. It becomes impossible to make long-term money without excellent customer experience – and HyperSKU can help with quality products, express shipping and steady stock. In this way, we help sellers to get better reviews and generate returning customers.


What is the BIG next thing for marketers should be preparing for now?

Many talks about branding and as we had seen it coming years ago, it will definitely become live-or-die benchmark for highly-competitive markets and niches this year.

We believe livestreaming and short-form mobile videos are the next big thing. It brings personalities, it requires creativeness, and the Z generation loves to see what they can connect with. TikTok for example has been phenomena with its idea that by simply sharing daily life you can be influencer. It’s the lifestyle that consumers are buying.

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