The DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO and all its related websites Privacy Policy. This statement is being made for your benefit in order to protect your privacy by informing you as to our online data practices and of your options with regards to how this site collects and uses your information.

Collecting Data

As we have the utmost respect for your privacy, it is our policy that your specific data will be utilized only at your request for ordering programs, services and products, or for otherwise participating in activities and programs on the site. Any non-specific data, on the other hand, may be collected as you visit many or our site pages, including the internet browser you are using (such as Netscape, Firefox, or Internet Explorer), your operating system (such as Windows XP or MAC OS) and the domain name of your Internet Service Provider (such as AOL, MSN, or Yahoo).

Data Usage

The data with which you provide us may be used in order to fulfill your requests regarding our programs, services, and products. We may also use it for addressing inquiries that you make about any or our offered programs, products, and services. The information may be used in order to offer you additional products, services, or programs that we believe may be of interest to you.

At times, we use such data for communication with you, for example, if you have won one of our contests or sweepstakes, or completing any requests you have made for an e-newsletter, or for contacting you regarding your business with DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO or any of its web pages.

Any specific data you have provided may be disclosed where we are legally obligated, for example, should we receive a court order or a subpoena which instructs us to perform such a disclosure. At a law enforcement agency’s request, we may also disclose this specific data.

Representatives and contractors of DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd. and its website who are authorized to access your specific data are obligated to protect this data and respect your privacy in a manner which complies with this Privacy Statement. For example, such information is not to be utilized for any purpose other than fulfilling your requests or completing your inquiries with DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd.

Though suitable precautions are taken in order to protect you from unauthorized data disclosures, we are unable to guarantee that specific data with which you provide us will never be disclosed in a way which is incompatible with the DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd. Privacy Statement.

On occasion, data collected may be combined with other collected data in order to enhance our marketing performance for our products or services, so that they may better meet your needs and desires. If you do not wish to be included among those receiving such marketing information from DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd., please let us know your preference by emailing the Privacy department of DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO at [email protected].

All DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO practicing this Privacy Statement will neither use nor distribute your specific information in any way which is not related to those requested by you in a manner as described above in this Privacy Statement unless you have been provided with the opportunity to refuse consent to unrelated operations.

Collection of Data by Strategic Partner Sites and Sponsors

Any links found on DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd. sites may direct you to other non-DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd. websites, whose policies and privacy guidelines may not be compatible with our own. Please make certain that you read the privacy statements provided by these other websites, as we neither hold any control over the manner in which these strategic partner sites will utilize data collected from you, nor the way in which it is collected.

The DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd. included in this Privacy Statement may, on occasion, offer programs – such as contests, promotions, and/or sweepstakes – which are sponsored or co-branded with strategic partners as identified. Such strategic partners may collect specific data from their visitors who voluntarily consent to participation in their programs. In such a case, DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd. does not have control over the way the strategic partner utilizes this data. Your data (name, title, email and phone) will be provided to sponsors and exhibitors conditioned you have agreed or have allowed them to scan your badge.


In order to better comprehend our websites, many of our web pages use “cookies”. A cookie is a text file which is sent into your web browser (such as Netscape, Firefox, or Internet Explorer). If a cookie is placed in your browser, it will neither reveal your email address to us, nor any other specific information about you, unless you specifically consent to provide this information to us. For example, if you should choose to register for a service or program on one of our sites. However, should you select to provide our website with your specific information, it will be built into your cookie.

The reason that we use cookies is so that we can better understand the way in which our site is being used, so that our content and our programs can be consistently and accurately improved. We may also use cookies so that we may offer programs, services, or products to you that we believe may be of benefit to you.

Security Commitment

We have taken suitable measures to apply physical, electronic, and managerial policies and procedures in order to provide you with the utmost protection, and to assist in preventing any unauthorized access, to control the security of collected data, and to utilize the collected data properly.

Data Changes

If you wish to receive instructions regarding ways in which unique specific data collected from you by DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO & Mind Toaster Ltd. can be accessed, or if you would like to correct any factual errors in the data submitted about you, please email us at [email protected]. In order to provide you with protection for your privacy and your security, we will take appropriate measures in order to verify your identity before we grant any access to your information, or make any corrections to it.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the DIGITAL MARKETING INTERNATIONAL EXPO online policy for this site or its implementation you may contact us at [email protected].[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”150px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]