What is an Email Funnel?

What is an Email Funnel?

An email funnel is a marketing term for the representation of an email subscriber journey from a prospective lead to a customer through an email series including educational and promotional communications. By identifying the subscribers needs, marketers are able to send the right messages by emails and move the subscriber along the journey towards becoming…

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Lead Forms Are Old School: Here Are The Next Generation Lead Gen Tactics To Increase leads by 200%!

Traditional, static lead gen forms are going out of style. Users today don’t just want to submit a form and wait for a response. Instead, they’re looking for more personal, interactive communication. Learn hot lead-gen tactics which will take you into 2020 and beyond. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel FRAN JAKUBOWICZCEO of SunHouse Marketing

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How a Multi-Vendor Email Approach Can Support you in Affiliate Marketing

For Email Marketers, there are multiple benefits to using multiple email sending vendors – especially in affiliate marketing when you’re likely to be sending high volumes of emails at once. These benefits include increased efficiencies within your email marketing operation as a whole, better-performing budgets which can be managed at a vendor-level, and increased cost-efficiencies.…