I enjoyed the conference very much. Everyone who is someone on the Israeli Digital Marketing arena was there, as well as some respected International players. I am looking forward to the next year’s conference.


Thanks for making this conference a successful work and social experience. Looking forward for the next conference to see you all again.

Gilad Daniel, Online Media Director

As affiliate marketer, attending your event in Israel, was fantastic and fruitful decision. To sum it up, I can say I enjoyed good motivating sessions, as well as being able to meet the faces behind the screens.

Shay Pinker, Internet Entrepreneur

We would like to congratulate Itay on organizing such a successful event. The conference in Israel provided us with a wealth of knowledge, tremendous exposure and invaluable professional contacts.

Melissa Rosenberg, Affiliate Manager

I found this conference as a great event to meet the top people of the e-commerce industry, to learn about new technologies, to get new business ideas and to hear about the new trends in the market.

Gady Shlasky, CEO of The Q Group

I was amazed by the exemplary organization of the conference and the high attendance. The event served as an excellent platform for meeting new colleagues and forming new business contacts within the industry.


It was well planned and organized and the impressive list of speakers delivered comprehensive and interesting lectures. There was valuable time to meet and chat, to create new relationships &  renew old ones.

Liat Fuchs, Digital Marketing Executive

Bringing to Israel all those relevant people and create new kind of convention was a great idea and wonderful execution – created new business and opportunities. Looking forward for the next one!

Ory Weihs, XLMedia

A highly serious internet marketing conference for the huge community of Israeli digital marketers. It gave us an opportunity to network with professionals and learn valuable information.

Ilan Cohen, Affiliate Marketer

Thank you for a well planned and well served conference! It was a great opportunity to learn new stuff and to meet the worldwide digital community. A conference like that is what we need, especially in Israel.