How a Multi-Vendor Email Approach Can Support you in Affiliate Marketing

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For Email Marketers, there are multiple benefits to using multiple email sending vendors – especially in affiliate marketing when you’re likely to be sending high volumes of emails at once.

These benefits include increased efficiencies within your email marketing operation as a whole, better-performing budgets which can be managed at a vendor-level, and increased cost-efficiencies.

But further to the above, there are some specific affiliate marketing benefits you can gain, by taking a multiple-vendor approach within your email operation. Take a read below of our top 3:


1. Benefit from the ‘best bits’ of each vendor

Email Marketing - Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

Different vendors perform differently with different ISPs. There’s not necessarily any science to it and no Email Marketer is every quite sure as to why this is the case, but it is. That creates a tricky situation for an email marketing operation to always thoroughly understand the best route to take whens selecting a vendor or when sending their email communications.

Because there is no single vendor that does everything you require it to do, you can benefit from the strengths of the multiple systems you have in place without becoming dependent on just one.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, because of various factors, it can be tricky to build up a solid reputation with the top tier suppliers. This is where a multi-vendor approach comes in to play – utilizing a mix of top-tier and 2nd-tier vendors means you can use 2nd tier suppliers where needed whilst you manage your reputation with your chosen top-tier suppliers very carefully. And with an interface like Ongage uniting all vendors, it’s then easy to test your respective sending theories via A/B vendor testing, to optimize your campaigns.

This ability to lean on different tools at different times only adds to the efficiency within your team, meaning you can respond to changes in the market and make last minute requirements, for maximum success.


2. Switch easily between multiple different suppliers


When using multiple email sending vendors, you give your email marketing operation the strongest possible back-up for situations where things may not go according to plan.

For example, if you’re having sending issues with one particular vendor you’re using, it’s easy to switch to a different vendor without losing any of your data or analytics. That means that if you’re using, for example, vendor 1 and for any unknown reason you saw a spike in hard or soft bounces, you can easily switch to vendors 2, 3 or 4 whilst you worked to build-back-up your reputation with vendor 1 to get you back to peak-performance.

In affiliate marketing where performance is key, and loss of performance ability is not an option, having this safety net of being able to easily move to an alternative supplier within one interface is of the utmost importance.


3. Enhanced reporting & insights make for better optimization

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Sending via multiple vendors not only means multiple systems to email through, but also multiple reporting & insights tools with which to power your email marketing analysis.
Powering-up your email operation with the backing of more than just one reporting database allows for much more powerful insights and optimizations, so you can tweak your campaigns based on your findings to maximize your success rates. Using this type of approach means you can combine and average your data & stats, enabling more informed decision making. That said, managing multiple reporting dashboards can be difficult and slow down your email marketing operation, so multi-vendor email marketers should look to use a single reporting dashboard such as Ongage within which to manage these different analytics streams. This enables you to manage everything from campaigns, reporting and data segmentation within one interface.
Especially in affiliate marketing where recipient response and engagement is absolutely key to your ROI, being able to benefit from these enhanced analytics can help you to ensure you’re responding as best as possible to your audiences’ behaviors.


To summarize


Using multiple email service providers can provide numerous benefits to Email Marketers in helping to increase your ROI, especially so for affiliate marketers, and especially when combined in one collective interface like Ongage.

Read more about multiple-vendor email marketing and other insights, over on the Ongage blog.

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