Arosal Lecture - Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

Where To Hold Your Intellectual Property: The A To Z Guide For Digital Marketers

Arosal will walk you through the challenges and pitfalls which characterize the global tax scene post-BEPS, specifically as regards IP Boxes and the so-called ‘Nexus’ approach. We shall walk you through the process of registering and protecting your IP, whilst designing a robust international structure which will stand up to any BEPS-related challenge. Furthermore, Arosal…

Jitendra Vaswani Lecture - Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

These 5 Affiliate Marketing Growth Hacks Can Help You Get 150%

How to choose offers and get best offers from different digital marketplaces Overcoming challenges with power of business networking and taking it to a whole new level with marketing strategies Optimize, automate, and delegate your marketing efforts so you can increase your impact while spending less time online How to become an influential affiliate blogger:…

Anna Brody Lecture - Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

How To Get Influencers To Sell Your Products Over And Over Again

Social Affiliate Marketing differs in its essence from the classic affiliate marketing which mostly bases it’s success on knowledge in digital marketing. However influencers can influence their followers’ purchasing decisions with no spend at all and reach conversion rates as high as 9.5% (and more). Subscribe to our YouTube Channel ANNA BRODYFounder of Ambassadors Social…

Fran Jakubowicz Lecture - Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

Lead Forms Are Old School: Here Are The Next Generation Lead Gen Tactics To Increase leads by 200%!

Traditional, static lead gen forms are going out of style. Users today don’t just want to submit a form and wait for a response. Instead, they’re looking for more personal, interactive communication. Learn hot lead-gen tactics which will take you into 2020 and beyond. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel FRAN JAKUBOWICZCEO of SunHouse Marketing

Yahav Hartman Lecture - Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

Insights From Managing Over 45m/mo. In Facebook Ads

How to Achieve Immediate Business Impact by Unlocking Facebook Advertising Scaling Limits in Enterprise and Big Spenders environments. Master Attribution on the Front End with The “ARR Method” How to apply Smart Exclusions across Acquisition, Retargeting, and Retention campaigns. Rely 100% on Facebook reporting to SCALE and optimize as part of a larger marketing mix.…